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Titel: Just bought the LaFerrari
Stephan and Andreas,
I've been away for a week attending the funeral of my brother-in-law. It was some what expected. When I got back, I was assembling the rear suspension. A lot of difficulty here. But finally finished it. Did you both find the drive shafts a little bit short? The ends fit in the transmission rather well but when I finished the assembly of the uprights, the ends that fit into the area of the brake discs, it really didn't fit into anything. I could move that end up and down instead of fitting into something. I have also found out, some of the screws can be a bit too long. The A screws holding the parts you screw into the frame were a bit too long. At first they would bottom out against the frame and the parts were still loose. When I shortened them up a bit, then they held just fine. I can't remember these kinds of problems when I built the Senna McLaren.
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